About Me

Hello and welcome, my name is Woybff. I started liking this show in early October of this year because of Taylor Z.'s commentaries (also known on here as TheodoreTugboatForever). I first became acquainted with Theodore when I was between 3-6. I found a VHS of Big Harbor Bedtime Adventures. I really enjoyed Emily and the Sleepover, but I did not care for the other two episodes. I am pretty sure I had another VHS, but I cannot remember which one it was. I quickly became uninterested in the series. I tried getting back into either early this year or last year with no luck. As of now, I am happy to report that I am a fan of Theodore Tugboat.

Favorite Characters

  1. Fodock
  2. Theodore
  3. Dorothy

Favorite Episodes

  1. Foduck's Hurt Feelings
  2. Bumper Buddies
  3. Theodore and The Bully
  4. Foduck the Vigilant
  5. Foduck and The Rainbow
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