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Hey, it's me tug97. I am an admin here on the Theodore Tugboat wikia, so feel free to ask me any questions regarding Theodore Tugboat, or the wikia itself.

I watched Theodore Tugboat back when I was young. During my Summer break in 2007, I rediscovered the show, started collecting the merchandise, and eventually became active in the fanbase when I joined YouTube in 2008. I have seen many members come and go in that time, as well as those who stick around. I visited Nova Scotia in the summer of 2019. I saw many real life components of "The Big Harbour", as well as Theodore Too, and some of the television models at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

I am also an admin over on the Tugs wikia, so come on over and check it out! Also, check out my YouTube channels (tug97 and tug97two) for videos on Theodore Tugboat, Tugs, Salty's Lighthouse, and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. I am also on Twitter under the name 'thetug97'.


December 31, 2012- Became admin

"This is special agent Ryan Shockneck, FBI, which one of you guys is Conky?"

Janurary 13, 2013, 9:52 AM PST-won my first lucky edit badge (7,000th edit)

April 30, 2013, 6:19 AM PST- won lucky 8,000th edit badge.

August 2019: Visited the real "Big Harbour"

My Theodore Tugboat Collection

Each list is in order (if my memory is correct) of when I got each item.

VHS tapes:


  • Nighttime Adventures
  • Theodore's Friendly Adventures
  • Underwater Mysteries
  • Theodore Helps a Friend
  • Big Harbor Bedtime
  • Theodore's Exceptional Friends
  • Theodore's Big Adventure


  • Hank and the Nightlight
  • Theodore to the Rescue
  • Emily Goes Overboard
  • Theodore's Whistle
  • Theodore and the Treasure Team
  • Theodore and the Harbour Crane


  • Krokodilgrottan (Dark and Scary Cove)
  • Spöket (George's Ghost)
  • Valungen (Whale of a Tug)


  • Theodore's Friendly Adventures
  • Bosse Bogserbåt 1
  • Bosse Bogserbåt 2
  • Theodoor de Sleepboot 1
  • Theodoor de Sleepboot 2
  • Nighttime Adventures
  • Big Harbor Bedtime

ERTL Diecast

  • Great Ocean Dock
  • Theodore
  • Emily
  • Foduck
  • Northumberland
  • Brunswick
  • Constance
  • Carla
  • George


  • Emily
  • Barrington
  • Chester
  • Clayton
  • Benjamin
  • Prototype George
  • George
  • Foduck
  • Hank
  • Theodore


  • Theodore's Splash
  • Theodore to the Rescue
  • Theodore's Best Friend
  • Theodore's Whistle
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