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About Me

Hi, I'm StarSwitcher07, (formerly Usthomasepisodes) one of the admins over at the TUGS Wiki. I am an extreme fan of both shows (TUGS, and Theodore Tugboat), and I strive to make this wiki is good as possible if I can help it. My favorite characters have to be Digby, Sigrid, and George. My favorite episode is True Blue Friends.

My Theodore Tugboat Collection:


  • Theodore (x2) ($12, $12)
  • Hank (with box and BRIO Pamphlet), ($12)
  • Emily ($12)
  • Barrington ($12)
  • Great Ocean Dock with Dispatcher ($12)

ERTL Diecasts:

A Lot of 7:

  • Theodore
  • Hank
  • Emily
  • Foduck
  • George
  • Carla
  • Constance

NIB Rebecca

NIB Northumberland

NIB Shelburne

Great Ocean Dock (No Brunswick)

Changing Face Toys:

  • Theodore & Hank (Purchased in a 2-Tug Lot, $20.80)

VHS Tapes:

  • Hank and the Nightlight ($27.00, Canadian)
  • Theodore and the Treasure Team ($27.50, Canadian)
  • Theodore's Friendly Adventures ($10, was sealed)
  • Big Harbor Bedtime ($2)
  • Theodore Helps A friend ($20, was sealed)
  • Theodore's Exceptional Friends (Gave to me from Tug97)
  • Nighttime Adventures ($15, was sealed)
  • Underwater Mysteries ($5)
  • Theodore's Big Adventure - ($9)
  • Nighttime Adventures Screener - ($10)
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