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"Ohh! I don't remember this cargo ship being heavy!
And I don't remember you tugs being so slow!
— Theodore and Freda
Tug of the Year/
Tugboat of the Year

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Tug of the Year, retitled Tugboat of the Year in the American releases, is the sixteenth episode of the second season.


George is practicing hard for the Tugboat of the Year contest. Everyone agrees that he deserves to win. When he doesn't win, the big tug feels terrible. He thinks he's worthless, but his friends in The Big Harbour know better. They arrange a special presentation for him. George likes the award but says that the real prize is having such good friends.



  • Going by filming order, this is the eighth episode of the second season.
  • This is Freda's only speaking role, despite the fact that she only said one line and her name wasn't even mentioned.
  • First speaking role for Bobby as well as his only one for this Season.
  • This marks the last appearance of the Flat Eyed Coast Guard ship, the model would later be remade into Constance for the episode Emily and the Rocket.


  • It is revealed in this episode that it takes three tugs to move a ship like Freda, but Theodore pulled her by himself in Theodore the Tug in Charge. Theodore also pulled Margaret by himself in The Cold Snap and she is much bigger.
  • George has pulled much heavier loads than a loaded barge before, easily.
  • In the first shot of Emily and Foduck struggling to move Caroline, the large container ship, the camera shakes.
  • Bobby had more than enough space for the last barrel.
  • Theodore and Hank are smiling when George floats sadly away after hearing the result of the contest.
  • George was said to have been by himself for the afternoon, yet he returns to the dock at exactly noon.



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