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"That ship isn't s-safe!"
"That's what I think.
— Bedford Buoy to Theodore referring to Cabot
Theodore and the Unsafe Ship

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Theodore and the Unsafe Ship is the twenty-eighth episode of the fifth season.


Usually being tug in charge is fun, but escorting Cabot is another story. The visiting ship doesn't look very safe, but when Theodore voices his concerns about bringing the messy ship into the Harbour, Cabot scoffs at the small tug. After all, Cabot has been to Harbours all over the world and Theodore hasn't even been out on the ocean. Cabot forges ahead, leaving Theodore in his wake and nearly running over Bedford Buoy. Nothing Theodore does succeeds in stopping the reckless ship until he realizes that Cabot does whatever you tell him not to. With help from his new friends, the cargo that Cabot threw overboard, Theodore quickly tricks Cabot into going to the Sandy Beach by telling him not to. Sure enough, Cabot heads straight for the shallow cove and, as Theodore hoped, soon finds himself beached on a sandbar. The ship can't move without Theodore's help. Finally Theodore really is in charge and tows the reckless ship backwards to prevent any further disasters from happening thanks to his cargo.



  • First and only appearance of Cabot.


  • The second time Cabot drops cargo overboard, the cargo can be seen in the water before the splashing sound effect is heard.
  • During Cabot's first shots, his cargo does not have eyes at first but later on, all of his cargo have eyes including the ones Theodore salvaged.
  • The piece of cargo that says "Just because he's bigger than us, he thinks he can do what ever he wants" is said to be a container even though he is really a tank.
  • Theodore should have known that towing Cabot backwards was very dangerous.
  • When Cabot cries "What happened?!", his eyes are wonky.

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