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"Don't worry. I know them well. They always ask for me when they come in here."
— George

Theodore and the Oil Rig

David Coole


Andrew Cochran


Silver Donald Cameron


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Per Frisch
(Norwegian Dub)

Povl Dissing
(Danish Dub)

Jan Nonhof
(Dutch Dub)

Stefan Ekman
(Swedish Dub)

Jari Silvennoinen
(Finnish Dub)

Air date

July 5th 1993

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Theodore and the
Homesick Rowboat

Theodore and the Oil Rig, retitled Theodore and the Big Oil Rig in American releases, is the first episode of Theodore Tugboat.


A new oil rig named Tex has arrived to The Big Harbour and Theodore finds him a bit scary. Then, The Dispatcher orders George and Theodore to bring the oil rig in; that scared Theodore more. But George said that there is nothing to be afraid of. But when Theodore and George approach, Tex says that he can easily move by himself without tugs.

When George and Theodore sadly return to the dock, Foduck arrives to hear how it was to work with the oil rig. George lies and said that Tex was tired so they left him alone. Then, The Dispatcher orders George to warn Tex about a storm coming. George tries to warn Tex but he just ignores him and says that George is just a small, silly tugboat and he is a giant oil rig. So George, who is hurt just leaves and goes back to the dock. Theodore who is moving Bobby Barge had heard everything. Back at the dock, the tugs notice that George is hurt but doesn't know why.

Soon Theodore notices that one of Tex's anchor cables is worn out. He tries to warn Tex, but he is just as rude to Theodore as George.

Soon the storm arrives. Then Tex's warned out cable snaps! The Dispatcher orders George to save Tex before something bad happens. George buttons on to Tex and tries to pull, but the wind is so strong that another anchor cable snaps; Tex and George are pulled by the wind towards Benjamin Bridge. Theodore hurries to the rescue and stops Tex just in time and the two tugs can pull Tex to safety.

When the storm is over and Tex gets some new anchor cables, George thanks Theodore. Tex also thanks them both and tells them a story.


Video Release


  • First and only appearance of Tex.
  • This episode and The Dark and Scary Cove have the most foreign dubs than any other to date.


  • When Theodore drops Tex's new anchor cable in the sea, studio equipment is visible on the right.
  • Emily, Hank and Foduck are nowhere to be seen during the storm.
  • In some shots of Theodore throughout the episode, a gap between his mouth and nose is seen.
  • When Tex's second anchor cable snaps, the scene is mirrored.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Theodor og Boreplattformen Theodore and the Oil Rig
Finnish Öljynporauslautta The Oil Rig
Danish Theodor og Boreplatformen Theodore and the Oil Rig
Dutch Theodoor & Het Productieplatform Theodore and the Oil Rig
Swedish Oljeplattformen The Oil Rig
French Théodore Remorqueur et la Plateforme de Forage Theodore Tugboat and the Oil Rig


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