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"We weren't playing!"
— Theodore's protest to Foduck
Theodore and the Lost Bell Buoy

Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Theodore and the Lost Bell Buoy is the twentieth episode of the third season.


Foduck warns Theodore that spinning Bedford Buoy will lead to an accident, but the tug ignores his friend's prediction. After all, Foduck is always so serious and they are just trying to have some fun. Besides, the game gives Theodore a chance to practice his turns. But when Bedford turns up missing, Theodore begins to regret having disobeyed the safety tug. Theodore finally finds his friend stuck in a pile of driftwood. Sure enough, the spinning has broken the buoy's chain. Bedford is happy to be reunited with his friend and the pair look forward to playing together again, but this time they agree to play a different game.



  • When Theodore spins Bedford the third time, Bedford's right eyebrow becomes wonky.
  • When Bedford's chain breaks, the mechanism used to make him move appears out of the water.
  • When Theodore says "Why is Foduck being so serious?" after Foduck leaves, Foduck's stern can still be seen in the shot.



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