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"Theodore, you told a lie."
— Hank
Theodore and the Lies
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David Coole


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Andrew Cochran
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The Harbour Master
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Theodore and the Lies re-titled Theodore Tells a Lie for U.S. audiences is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season.


When the ferry twins complain about a boat that nearly hit them, Foduck stays up all night trying to find the culprit. The truth is that the boat was Theodore, but the tug did not want to tell anyone that he had endangered the ferries just to win a race. Theodore felt guilty, but his guilt did not stop him from lying again. When a fire breaks out on a dock that Theodore supposedly checked, he does not want to admit that he had lied about doing the inspection. He had been playing with Hank instead. But the fire spoils Foduck's perfect safety record and Theodore knows he has to tell the truth. To Theodore's surprise, The Dispatcher is not mad. He is just glad that Theodore finally chose honesty. To help make things right, Theodore offers to help clean the dock that caught on fire. The Dispatcher agrees that this is a very good idea.



  • When Theodore and Hank are racing through the harbour, Hank accidently bumps into a dock.
  • Theodore actually tried to race Bluenose once in Theodore and Bluenose.
  • When Emily and George race away from the dock, Emily is to the left of George but in the next shot, they switch places.
  • When Constance is racing towards the fire, her eyes are wonky.



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