"Huh? What happened?"


Theodore Too and the Too-long Nap is a book published by Nimbus Publishing. Written by Michelle Mulder. Published 2006-present and illustrated by Yolanda Poplawska.


It is Theodore Too's birthday and there was a special guest for Theodore's birthday, a cruise ship named Gerta who has come all the way from Germany. Theodore, Lucy, and Guy try to wake her up just not to miss the party.



  • On the boardwalk there are no railings which could be very dangerous.
  • Gerta's eye and mouth are missing in her first illustration.
  • In one illustration Macdonald bridge is missing his railings.
  • In the last illustration all of the tugs and the lighthouse are taller than Macdonald Bridge.
  • The cake and ice cream are floating on the water.
  • Gerta has her mouth underneath her eyes but her mouth was on the bow in one illustration.
  • In some illustrations Theodore and Lucy's door window is missing.
  • In the illustration of Theodore trying to wake up Gerta, two trees beside Pier 21 appear and then on the next they disappear.


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