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Theodore's Bright Idea

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Laurie Fisher Huck
Jeff Rosen


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Theodore's Bright Idea is the twenty-third episode of the fourth season.


Theodore is moving Guysborough when the fog rolls in so thick that he can't even see the garbage barge. To find his way home, he listens for Lilly, the Lighthouse's foghorn, but all he hears is a cough and a scratchy voice. When Theodore finds Lilly, she has lost her voice from using her foghorn so much. Theodore realizes that without Lilly, Canso Colossus, who is arriving, is in danger, so he improvises. He knows that Guysborough loves to complain and that every complaint starts off with a loud, groaning 'Theodore.' Usually it is annoying when the grumpy barge's incessant laments sound like a foghorn, but today the tug welcomes his companion's complaints. He is glad that Guysborough is so grumpy.



  • Guysborough's rope disappears as soon as George turns Canso away from Willy's Island.
  • In this episode, Canso Colossus is mistaken as a container ship, rather than a giant supertanker.


Theodore's Bright Idea - Theodore Tugboat

Theodore's Bright Idea - Theodore Tugboat

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