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Theodore's Big Adventure

David Coole


Andrew Cochran


Denny Doherty

Music by

Graham Shaw


The Children's Group (Canada)
Turner Home Video (US)


1995 (Canada)
July 29, 1997 (US)


30 minutes

Preceded by

Theodore's Whistle

Followed by

Whale of a Tug (Canada)
Theodore's Friendly

Theodore's Big Adventure is a Canadian and American VHS release. It contains one episode from season 1 and one from season 2, narrated by Denny Doherty.


  1. Theodore and the Oil Rig
  2. Hank and the Hug


  • Theodore's Big Adventure was originally released by The Children's Group as the third VHS in their series in Canada. Warner Home Video (through PBS Home Video's previous distributor, Turner Home Entertainment) re-released it in a 5-pack with other PBS Shows.
  • The Warner/Turner release was the first US Theodore Tugboat VHS.
  • The US release was released exclusively in a gift pack called "PBS Kids Pack of Pals"; a collection of four exclusive volumes of PBS Kids programs (the other three tapes being Adventures from the Book of Virtues: Generosity, Barney: Families are Special, and Elmo in Basil Hears a Noise: A Musical Adventure).
  • This was the only VHS in the series released by Turner Home Entertainment. The following three US releases (Theodore's Friendly Adventures,Theodore Helps A Friend, and Big Harbor Bedtime) were going to be released by Turner, but were released by Warner Home Video instead (Turner is still listed in the copyright info on these three, with Warner being listed as "an authorized agent for Turner Home Entertainment"; the same applies for this VHS, but the THE logo is used).
  • Some copies of the US PBS release have a blank screen for 15 minutes at the end of the tape. This may be because all of the other PBS releases are 45mins.
  • This is the only US/Canadian VHS to feature a Season 1 episode (Theodore and the Oil Rig).
  • This is the only US tape to use the original "Find Us through PBS Online" bumper between episodes; this was due to the tape being produced during the early years of its PBS run; future tapes use the bumper utilized in later airings.


  • The back of the Canadian VHS has a photo from Hank Hurts a Ship, but that episode is not on this release.
  • The back of the US VHS has photos from Hank and the Night Light and Different Strokes - Different Boats, but those episodes are not on this release.
  • In the US VHS, the US broadcast credits (minus the border) from Hank and the Hug are used, thus the credits for George's Ghost are a part of the tape's credits, despite not being on the tape.
  • On the US VHS, the Warner Home Video logo is missing at the beginning.