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The Great Harbour Clean Up Contest

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

July 28th,1993

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The Great Harbour Clean Up Contest is the eighteenth episode of the first season.


In this follow-up to the previous story, the tugs tell one another what they plan to do for 'The Great Harbour Clean up Contest'. Everyone seems to have a very big plan, but by the time the circle gets around to Theodore, there don't seem to be any big plans left. He settles for cleaning up one small dock. As the contest proceeds, the tugs big plans unravel. They are trying to do too much. But Theodore steadily works at his small job, and when the day is over he is the only one who finishes what he set out to do. To The Dispatcher, it is the little things, well done, that make all the difference, so he declares Theodore the winner. The others are disappointed until Theodore reminds everyone that as long as their efforts resulted in a cleaner Harbour, they are all winners.



  • Stock footage from Is Anybody Listening? and Best Friends is used.
  • This episode is filmed right after Theodore's Bad Dreams, since some boats are in the same position as said episode. This episode is also filmed right before Theodore and the Queen, since the changed positions of the boats during later in the episode are the same from said episode.
  • This is one of few episodes where the Harbor Master mentions himself during the narration: he notes that he was the one who gave the Dispatcher his flag for the event.


  • The sand castle on the beach would have been washed down when Theodore's wave washed over it.
  • Because of stock footage, Theodore has Foduck's lifeboat in one scene.
  • When the narrator says "Bonnavista Barge was worried", Bonnavista is in the middle of the harbour instead of behind Willy's Island.


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