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"Tugboats, as you know, it is our solemn and ancient pledge to keep the harbour open, through wind, or rain, or snow....or...or ice."
— The Dispatcher
The Day Ice Came to the Harbour

Robert D. Cardona


Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

July 19th, 1993

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The Day Ice Came to the Harbour is the eleventh episode of the first season and the 1st episode Pulled from airing.


Ice clogs the Big Harbour, more then it has in over 100 years! The ice restricts the pilot boats to their docks and places the pride of The Big Harbour in the tugboats. It will require an extra special effort to prevent the harbour from closing, but the tugs are sure that they are up to the task, but without the pilot boats to direct them, all they do is argue over who should be in charge. When George's engines overheat and with an icebreaker named Icebreaker Inverness on the way, and Olympia (a tanker) in her path, the tugs finally realize that only teamwork will prevent an accident. At the end of the day the tugs return to their dock exhausted and proud, knowing that their friendship is stronger than ice.



  • The Icebreaker Inverness was only mentioned and never seen. Inverness is the name of another cargo ship in a later episode.
  • This is one of few episodes where the Harbor Master mentions himself: he relates that he was the one who made the decision to keep the Big Harbour open.


  • In the scene were Theodore and Hank are done towing the ferry twins and deciding to explore the ice, Hank's lifeboat looks like it is about to fall off his deck.
  • In various scenes, the tugs' mouths are peeling off.
  • When George, Emily, and Foduck set off to meet Olympia, George's propeller can be seen through the water.
  • In the final scene when the tugs are supposed to be sleeping, Emily's and Theodore's eyes are cleary open.


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