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"This is the worst place in the whole world!"
— Theodore
The Dark and Scary Cove

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Kathy MacLellan


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)
Per Frisch
(Norwegian Dub)
Povl Dissing
(Danish Dub)
Jan Nonhof
(Dutch Dub)
Stefan Ekman
(Swedish Dub)
Jari Silvennoinen
(Finnish Dub)

Air date

July 7th 1993

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Theodore and the
Homesick Rowboat

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Foduck the Vigilant

The Dark and Scary Cove is the third episode of the first season.


Theodore doesn't really want to return to the scary Cobequid Cove, the one with the old wreck named Kamel at the entrance and the big trees hanging over it. That's where he and Hank were playing when Hank lost his lifeboat when they heard a very scary sound! But if they don't find the lifeboat, Hank won't be allowed to leave the dock, so he has to go. At least this trip, it won't be dark. To his surprise, Theodore finds that Cobequid Cove looks different in the daylight! He realizes that sometimes scary things aren't what they seem to be when he finds a little bullfrog in the cove.



  • A Matchbox toy helicopter is seen on Margaree Pride's deck.
  • In Sweden, this episode is called "Crocodile Cave".
  • First appearance of Bonnavista and Kamel.
  • This is the first episode not to feature Emily and Foduck in the series.
  • This is the final episode to be dubbed in Finnish until Theodore's Whistle.
  • This episode and Theodore and the Oil Rig have the most foreign dubs to date.


  • The Dispatcher says, "Until you find your lifeboat, Hank, you are to stay here in your dock," but if Hank stays at his dock, then he wouldn't be able to leave his dock in order to find his missing lifeboat anyway.

Video Release

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Den Mørke og Nifse Bukta The Dark and Scary Cove
Finnish Pelottava Luoto The Scary Cove
Danish Den Mørke Og Skræmmende Bukta The Dark and Scary Cove
Dutch De Enge Donkere Inham The Dark and Scary Cove
Swedish Krokodilgrottan The Crocodile Cave
French Une Crique Sombre et Effaqante The Dark and Scary Cove