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"Aww, you again?! Why don't you just run along now? I don't need your help! I got more important things to do than chatter with every little tub who just floats on by!"
— Tex insulting George
  • Type: Oil Rig
  • Country: Texas, USA
  • Accent: Western

Tex is a large oil rig that was rude to Theodore and George. He refused to have his anchor cables checked before a storm, which nearly made him crash into Benjamin Bridge. He was saved by Theodore and George, after which he learned humility and told them stories of the ocean.

Temporarily first

He is the first oil rig to appear in the series, although he only appears in the first season episode Theodore and the Oil Rig. He was later replaced by Owan. He was later mentioned in the Season 1 episode Theodore the Vegetable and had his name written in the Great Tugboat Book in Theodore in the Middle.



  • Tex is the only oil rig in the series able to move on his own, even though ironically oil rigs in real life can't move on their own. Owan would later move on his own in Owan On the Loose but he is not as controlled as Tex.
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