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Out of character

  • While in real life, a tugboat would stay in it's dock if it's not needed, Theodore Tugboat has strayed from that rule many times before and after, (not to the extent of Thomas,) but it seems odd that Theodore would be treated in the style of a punishment, since the show tended to be more lighthearted than Thomas.
  • This isn't hooky, as Theodore was allowed to stay behind.
  • While the intention was to make it seem like a child asking to stay home from school, and to make staying home seem unpleasant, it more or less directly re-enforces the stereotype that Thomas never directly followed: Theodore is a machine, but while he is alive, and has his own ambitions, he is a machine, and thus TREATED like part of the industry, he has no day off or rest unless the party gives him one.
  • This can be countered by the fact that Theodore stated that "he was tired" and the Dispatcher wanted him to rest. However, juding from the way the Dispatcher and Perta spoke, he was asked to return to his dock, since he was a Tugboat unit that needed to be on standby. Theodore was demanded to "turn off his engine" giving the impression of lack of movement. It was also re-enforced by the fact that Theodore was the only tired tug the day before, but on the date of his day off, he got to share no stories with his friends. It was also layered by the fact that "his friends worked very hard, while he had the entire day off.", and the fact that Theodore wasn't even allowed to count Bedford's dings.
  • The entire point was to state that Theodore's life wasn't as bad as it seemed, but none of the viewers I'VE seen took it that way. Judging from how soccer mothers attacked Thomas for episodes that wern't as stern, and the widely accepted response from other people watching it, I think it would be significant enough to state that this episode did not get good reception from the general viewer, due to the way the theme was projected, and the way the episode's environment, both visually and emotionally, were presented.
  • Frankly, my life WAS as bad as it seemed, so taking Theodore's treatment would be a big improvement over what I normally did as a child.

Super58173 02:22, April 11, 2011 (UTC)


Why didn't the dispatcher call Theodore back, but sent Petra when he was well gone?

It kinda contributes to what the audience understood as the free will that Theodore had, but was denied.

Super58173 02:17, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

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