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The third season of Theodore Tugboat began airing between 1996 and 1997, having been produced between March and June 1996. It had 25 episodes, however, like the first 2 Seasons, 13 Were Aired, with remaining 12 Being released on VHS and DVD, all narrated by Denny Doherty.


  1. All Quiet in the Big Harbour - Hank defies an order to be quiet in order to prevent an accident.
  2. Theodore to the Rescue - While trying to rescue Digby, the disaster-prone cable ship, Theodore ignores some danger warnings and gets himself into trouble, too.
  3. A Joke Too Far - Theodore and Barrington hide from the others as a practical joke, but things get a little out of hand.
  4. Theodore and the Ice Ship - While helping a mysterious ship laugh off its icy appearance, Theodore and Hank learn that you can't judge a ship by its hull.
  5. Big Harbour Fools Day - George misses out on the fun of Big Harbour Fools Day by taking himself too seriously.
  6. Grumpy Garbage Barge - Theodore realizes the importance of smiles after spending a day without them in the company of Guysborough the Grumpy Garbage Barge.
  7. Theodore Hugs the Coast - Theodore gets lost outside the Big Harbour, but finds his way back by remembering to "hug the coast" and take things one step at a time.
  8. Hank's Hiccups - Hank tries everything to get rid of a bad case of hiccups.
  9. Hank's New Name - Hank wonders if he would be treated like a bigger tugboat if he had a bigger name.
  10. Theodore and the Northern Lights - Though impatient with them at first, Foduck finally learns to appreciate Kulu the Canoe's tales of magic and mystery.
  11. Big Harbour Birthday - The other tugs trick Theodore into thinking they've forgotten all about his birthday.
  12. Theodore's Backwards Day - Theodore has to ask for help when he discovers that he can't move forward.
  13. Scally's Stuff - A charming new container ship named Scally dazzles everyone with his flashy haul, but they soon learn that what glitters is not always useful.
  14. Theodore's Big Friend/Theodore and the Stubborn Ship - A lonely container ship helps Theodore see that everyone (big or small) shares the same feelings.
  15. Emily and the Missing Barge/Theodore and the Missing Barge - When a set of bumpers goes missing, the tugs jump to conclusions about what happened to it.
  16. Theodore and the Borrowed Bell - Theodore doesn't want to tell what he knows about Northumberland Submarine's missing bell because he doesn't want to get a friend in trouble. But the longer he keeps quiet, the more complicated things get.
  17. Emily's Close Call - After an interesting-looking container turns out to be dangerous, Emily learns to be more careful about what she picks up.
  18. Emily's New Hat - Emily feels better after finally telling the Dispatcher the real reason she doesn't want a new hat.
  19. Emily and the Tug-Of-War - George tries to convince Emily that she can't participate in a tug-of-war because she's a girl.
  20. Theodore and the Lost Bell Buoy - Foduck warns Theodore not to spin bell buoys, but Theodore ignores the warning—then loses his way because Bedford Buoy is not there to help him.
  21. Theodore and the Boat Bully - Theodore is excited about welcoming a new tug to the harbour—until he realizes that Oliver the Ocean Tug is a bully.
  22. George and the Underwater Mystery - George's project of raising a submerged satellite doesn't go too well—until he realizes that he can't just give orders and expect everyone else to do his work.
  23. R. Boat and the Queen - Theodore helps a very gloomy rowboat learn to look on the bright side of things.
  24. Hank and the Night Light - While his dockmate (Theodore) is away, Hank gets scared of the dark and realizes that it's OK to want a little help from a night light.
  25. Theodore and the Pirate - A rumor that a pirate boat is hiding in the Big Harbour gets everyone on full alert—but just how reliable is the source?


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  • This is the final season dubbed in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish.
    • Which makes it also the final Season to have episodes dubbed in languages other than English.


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