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The first season of Theodore Tugboat was filmed between September and November of 1992, and began airing in 1993. It had 20 episodes, However only 15 were aired and other 5 being released on VHS and DVD, all narrated by Denny Doherty.


Screenshot Title Episode number #
OilRigheader.jpg "Theodore and the Oil Rig" #01
An oil rig named Tex comes to the Big Harbour. George and Theodore were supposed to take him in, but he only makes rude remarks about the tugs. But later when a storm arrives, Tex spins and twirls around uncontrollably. Luckily, Theodore comes to help and saves Tex from certain disaster.
TheodoreAndTheHomesickRowboat55.png "Theodore and the Homesick Rowboat" #02
When Theodore hears a story about an ocean tug rescuing an oil tanker all by himself, he feels like he can do any job all by himself, but then things don't go exactly as planned and that is when Theodore learns that tugs must work together, even ocean tugs.
TheDarkandScaryCove30.png "The Dark and Scary Cove" #03
Theodore and Hank go to a scary cove and both see things very scary, until Theodore learns later on that things sometimes might not be as frightening as they sometimes are.
FoduckTheVigilant5.png "Foduck the Vigilant" #04
Foduck is about to earn his v-word like Emily the Vigorous and George the Valiant. However, the safety tug doubts himself about becoming an ocean tug, but then his quick thinking prevents a fire from doing damage to George's lifeboat and the safety tug is hailed as a hero.
DifferentStrokes,DifferentBoats114.png "Different Strokes - Different Boats" #05
Theodore is assigned to teach Hank the finer points of "buttoning on" to a barge. Hank usually pulls barges from the side, but Theodore tells him to pull barges from the front the proper way, and that's when he learns that Hank is good at pulling barges, using his strategy.
MermaidHeader.png "Hank and the Mermaid" #06
Hank is convinced that he's seen a mermaid in the harbour.
TrueBlueFriends106.png "True Blue Friends" #07
George desperately does not want to go to his hull checkup, so he tries to get Theodore to cover for him.
BumperBuddies24.png "Bumper Buddies" #08
Foduck's bumping to Theodore really hurts the little tug, but he thought the safety tug wouldn't like him anymore if he complains about it.
TheodoreandtheWelcomeHeader.png "Theodore and the Welcome" #09
Theodore tries to welcome incoming ships the way everyone else does, but discovers that doing it his own way works best for him.
TheodoretheVegetable93.png "Theodore the Vegetable" #10
The Dispatcher assigns Theodore to be the tug in charge of an incoming cargo ship called Julia. However, when Theodore actually meets up with her, Julia questions his ability to handle her and Theodore is not so sure himself either.
TheDayIceCametotheHarbour3.png "The Day Ice Came to the Harbour" #11
On a day when ice has clogged the harbour, the pilot boats are trapped in their docks, and the pride of the harbour depends on the tugs to make sure the harbour is still running so ships would come to a safe and warm dock in the harbour in case they come in.
Theodore'sNightmareHeader.png "Theodore's Bad Dreams" #12
Theodore is troubled by bad dreams, but they're nothing compared to George's nighttime visions of Waltzing Sugarplum Ferries.
Theodore'sFirstPull72.png "Theodore's First Pull" #13
Theodore is excited to get his first chance to pull a ship, but gets in a little too deep.
TheodoreAndTheQueen115.png "Theodore and the Queen" #14
When a giant ocean liner named the Queen Stephanie gets stuck under Benjamin Bridge, Theodore comes up with the big idea that saves the day.
TheodoreandBluenose15.png "Theodore and Bluenose" #15
Theodore uses some old-fashioned methods to help Foduck out of a high-tech jam.
ListeningHeader.png "Is Anybody Listening?" #16
Theodore is concerned that the pilot boats always seem to be to busy to listen to the tugs or answer questions. His concern turns to frustration when each pilot boat gives him a different assignment. One of those assignments is to replace Blankston Buoy, who is damaged. When the pilot boats realize their mistake and think that Theodore might not have gotten to Blankston, they realize that they have put a ship named Elo Echo in danger. The pilot boats apologize to Theodore and learn their lesson about how important it is to listen.
BuzzesDockHeader.png "George Buzzes the Dock" #17
Theodore has to choose between stopping an argument between Emily and George, and getting his first chance to go out on the ocean.
CleanUpHeader.png "The Great Harbour Clean Up Contest" #18
When Theodore finally gets the others to stop competing with one another during the harbour clean-up, everybody ends up a winner.
BestFriends4.png "Best Friends" #19
Theodore means well when he tells each of the tugs that they are his "best friend," but his friends get angry when they find out that he has said the same thing to everyone. Hank is so upset, he gets stuck on a sandbar. The tugs temporarily put aside their anger so they can cooperate to safely free him. When the rescue is complete, all the tugs turn to Theodore. They demand to know which of them is really his best friend. He remembers their teamwork during the rescue and declares that they are all his best friends. The other tugs have to agree.
TheodoreandtheBigHarbour18.png "Theodore and the Big Harbour" #20
The Harbour Master recalls Theodore's first day.



  • This season marks the first of a couple things:
  • This was also the only season of several things:
    • This is the only season in which Tex appears.
    • The only season with model human characters in a couple of episodes.
    • The only season dubbed in French.
    • Several episodes are out of production order (i.e. Best Friends was slated to appear after Theodore and the Big Harbour) Also, Theodore and the Pirate should have been produced in Season 1, but instead it was aired in season 3.
    • This season is notable for having the early models of the tugboats. They had masked faces over the mouths which would often have a line on the side that can be seen if one looks at the characters in the right angle. Some of the faces had crescent eyes and their names were painted in a yellowish colour. Also, Foduck's hat covers his eyebrows.


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