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"Stuff? Oh, you mean my treasures! Oh I have lots and lots of treasures from all over the world!"
— Scally

Scally's Stuff is the thirteenth episode of the third season.


Theodore and Hank are impressed by the new ship they are escorting. Scally has so much stuff he looks like a floating carnival. He even has a flashy hull. He gives Theodore a wind spinner which the tug likes very much even though he's not sure what it is for. The other tugs quickly introduce themselves to Scally hoping that they'll get a gift too. Scally does not disappoint. But soon the useless gifts start interfering with the tugs' work. They learn owning things even really cool things isn’t always the best choice.



  • First and only appearance of Scally.
  • Scally gives Theodore a wind spinner, Hank a big orange bumper, Foduck a siren, Emily a smokestack extension and Bedford a hat and bow tie.
  • Hank's big orange bumper looks like it belongs from a monster truck or a quarry vehicle.


  • In the last shot of Emily getting her smokestack extension getting stuck in Bobby's crane, she manages to get it free, but in the next shot, it looks like the crane chain is still on the smokestack extension, but then slides off.
  • In the scene with the four tugs cheering with their whistles, George's whistle can be heard, even though he is not there.
  • Even though Emily got her smokestack extension from Scally, it is nowhere to be seen on Scally's deck.


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Theodore Tugboat-Scally's Stuff-1
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