"Don't forget, Hank. This is our little secret. "
— Malarkey
S.S. Malarkey
  • Type: Cargo Ship

S.S. Malarkey is a cargo ship who tells stories that, true to his namesake, are nothing but malarkey. His special cargo consists of magic flying powder (bags of sand), a giant sea monster (a pile of seaweed) and a flag from Spagatini. He asked Hank if he wanted to go to Sandy Cove, but Hank turned his offer down.


S.S. Malarkey only appeared in the fifth season episode, Hank's Funny Feeling.


  • Malarkey's model consists of Freda's hull with Inverness' superstructure.
  • Malarkey's stack was previously used for Oliver and would later be used for Chester.
  • Malarkey is only referred to as Malarkey (without "S.S.")
  • Malarkey is another way of saying nonsense, which relates to his false story telling.


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