Qubo is a childrens programing channel that reruned Theodore Tugboat from January 8, 2007 to September 13, 2009.  It originally showed Theodore at 12:00 pm EST and 6:00 pm EST, then later showed it at 12:00 am EST and 5:00 am EST. It only showed 52 episodes of the series.

Qubo was a joint venture between Ion Media Networks, NBCUniversal, Corus Entertainment, Scholastic Corporation, and Classic Media.


  • Only the first season, the second season and some episodes from the third season were shown on Qubo, this has been done with the other shows they aired at the time.
  • Only the credits for the second episode were shown.
  • In many of the first episodes of the broadcast, the last few seconds with the Harbourmaster, including the credits were cut before he could say his usual closing lines.


Season 1

  1. Theodore and the Oil Rig
  2. Theodore and the Homesick Rowboat
  3. The Dark and Scary Cove
  4. Foduck the Vigilant
  5. Different Strokes - Different Boats
  6. Hank and the Mermaid
  7. True Blue Friends
  8. Bumper Buddies
  9. Theodore and the Welcome
  10. Theodore the Vegetable
  11. The Day Ice Came to the Harbour
  12. Theodore's Bad Dreams
  13. Theodore's First Pull
  14. Theodore and the Queen
  15. Theodore and Bluenose
  16. Is Anybody Listening?
  17. George Buzzes the Dock
  18. The Big Harbour Clean Up Contest
  19. Best Friends
  20. Theodore and the Big Harbour

Season 2

  1. Theodore's Whistle
  2. George's Ghost
  3. Theodore Changes Sides
  4. Night Shift
  5. Whale of a Tug
  6. The Tugboat Pledge
  7. Emergency
  8. The Cold Snap
  9. Hank and the Hug
  10. Emily and the Rocket
  11. Foduck Stays Home
  12. Theodore the Tug in Charge
  13. Theodore in the Middle
  14. Carla the Cool Cabin Cruiser
  15. Snorri the Viking Ship
  16. Tug of the Year
  17. Theodore the Jokester
  18. Emily the Vigorous
  19. Theodore's Day Off
  20. Foduck and the Rainbow

Season 3

  1. All Quiet in the Big Harbor
  2. Theodore to the Rescue
  3. A Joke Too Far
  4. Theodore and the Ice Ship
  5. Big Harbour Fools Day
  6. Grumpy Garbage Barge
  7. Theodore Hugs the Coast
  8. Hank's Hiccups
  9. Hank's New Name
  10. Theodore and the Northern Lights
  11. Big Harbour Birthday
  12. Theodore's Backwards Day

Promo Video

Theodore Tugboat Qubo Commercial

Theodore Tugboat Qubo Commercial

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