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Background Information

Pugwash is a fictional submarine created by Andrew Cochran.

Behind The Scenes

Pugwash's model was scratch built with a fiberglass and plastic by Fred Allen. Pugwash was also had the lamp was hidden battery, the eye merchanism of model was not moving, if was moving and it make jamming inside.

After production on Theodore Tugboat had ended, Pugwash's model was displayed at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, but was returned to Cochran Communications for the production of Pugwash's Underwater Adventures, the model was never used (likely due to Cochran Entertainment going out of buisness). The model was never returned to the museum, its whereabouts are unknown, if it was sold destroyed or what happened to it remains a mystery. In 2002, Pugwash was also has own display shelf with underwater shelf display and still around in museum until it was removed by museum for gift store room.

Small-scale Model

During the underwater scene, Pugwash model was smaller model, It also built out of fiberglass, plastic and perspex. The model was replaced the regular one was too heavy to carried by wires and the face was not visible to seen it.