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"I'm Phillip!"
"And I'm Filmore!
— Phillip and Filmore
Phillip and Filmore

Phillip and Filmore are identical ferry boat twins that cross the harbour before Benjamin Bridge. No one in the Big Harbour is able to tell which twin is which. They usually finish each others sentences. They are sometimes stubborn, and at one point Filmore left the harbour to visit Fundy the fishing boat. Their job is very well recognized, and every tug and ship is careful when they cross between them. [1]


The twins are modeled after the twin Metro Transit ferries Halifax III and Dartmouth III which were built in 1979 to carry passengers across Halifax Harbour on a daily basis.



  • In the Norwegian version, Filmore is called Felix.
  • In the French version, Phillip is called Philippe
  • Phillip's model was sold on eBay.
  • Filmore's model is currently on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
  • In the books written by Michelle Mulder, Phillip and Filmore are played as their real life counter parts.
  • Philip was going to be made for an Ertl model but was cancelled.
  • Originally, Phillip and Filmore's models were just made with rectangular eyes and grate looking mouths, but later on in the series, their eyes were curved at the top, their mouths were gone and they had eyebrows.
  • Diesel 10 from Thomas & Friends shares the same horn sound with them. Their horns were also used for a garbage boat in the Family Guy episode, Pawtucket Pete.


Filmore: Hi Fundy. I'm Filmore. I came to visit you. You are Fundy aren't you?
Fundy: What's in a name? A boat by any other name would smell as fishy.
Filmore (thinking): Fundy really does say strange things.

- Filmore meeting up with Fundy, Theodore and the Runaway Ferry, fourth season