Theodore Tugboat Wiki

Background Information

Phillip and Filmore is a fictional submarine created by Andrew Cochran.

he's based off the Canadian Naval submarine

Behind The Scenes

The model was scratch built with a Plastic, Fiberglass and Perspex made by Fred Allen. On show the model of Northumberland wasn't had eyebrows on screen, Due to Northumberland's sleepy eyelids was switch on set. The eye merchanism of model was not moving, if was moving and it will make jamming inside.

After production on Theodore Tugboat had ended, Northumberland model was displayed at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, but his model kept in museum storage, His model has not been on display since 2002.

Small-scale model

During the underwater scene, Northumberland's model was smaller and his eyes were bigger. His propeller was made out of a clear circular disc to resemble a spinning propeller. It also built out of wooden, perspex and fiberglass.