"Wow! Those glasses look so...Fresh!"
— Hank and Barrington, Hank and the Silly Faces, fifth season

  • Type: Fishing Trawler

Millie a fishing trawler who had trouble with her bad eye sight but gained two new friends with Theodore and Hank. At first, the tugs thought that the silly faces she made were just for fun and Millie was afraid that the tugs would not like her since the faces were due to her poor eye sight. She was then given glasses to see better and, amazingly, she actually made real silly faces with her two friends.



  • Her model was recycled from Shamus.
  • Millie is the only character in the series who wears glasses.
  • Unlike other ships who make expressions with eyebrows mostly, Millie can make expressions with her eyes as well as eyebrows to make expressions.
  • Millie's cabin and smokestack was offered for sale on eBay.


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