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The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is a Canadian maritime museum located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is a member institution of the Nova Scotia Museum and is the oldest and largest maritime museum in Canada with a collection of over 30,000 artifacts including 70 small craft and one ship: the CSS Acadia, a 180 foot steam-powered hydrographic survey ship launched in 1913. Some of the Theodore Tugboat TV models are on display here. Others


Model of the museum from the show set

are part of the museum's collection but are in storage. The Museum itself appears in the Theodore Tugboat series as an accurate model of the museum's south wing and anchor yard. 

History of the Display

The museum and Cochran Communication built a Theodore Tugboat exhibit in 1999 using the television production models when the series was still being broadcast. When the show ceased production, some models were put in storage but the museum retained and a large display showing the Halifax side of the Big Harbour and many o

f the key characters. Additional Theodore models have since been donated by the family of Fred Allen. Three additional characters were taken out of storage and displayed in May 2013. In March 2014, an Instagram user named DG_Kay97 uploaded some of the models that were once displayed. Amongst Emily and Clayton, they also included Owan the Oil Rig, Sigrid and Colchester (only the front part of him is showing).

The TV models


  • Theodore
  • George (Removed in 2009, Added again in 2015)
  • Hank
  • Emily (Removed in 2009, Added again in 2014)
  • Foduck (Removed in 2009, Added again in 2014)








  • The model of the Museum itself (seen in the TV series by The Great Ocean Dock) is on display.
  • Some models, such as Fundy and Bluenose, as well as tugboat face masks, are in storage at the museum, but are not on display.
  • Pugwash's model was displayed at the museum, but was returned to Cochran Communications for the production Pugwash's Underwater Adventures series, the model was never used (due to Cochran Entertainment going out of buisness). The model was never returned to the museum.
  • Silhouettes of a few people may be seen in some windows of the office tower models near the ferry dock.
  • Every winter the museum continues a tradition, originally started by Cochran employees, of dressing the Theodore display with snow and icicles along with piles of holiday presents on the hatches of the ships.
  • The original display did not have the set of the Big Harbour behind it. 
  • The display was originally used to house models during times when the show was not being filmed.
  • In 2014 a model of the S.S.Acadia was added to the display complete with eyes and eyebrows.
  • There was a small second display where a second model of Theodore on a wheel base was shown, but this has been removed.
  • Charlotte Allen, the wife of Fred Allen who helped to build some models from the show, donated his collection of models from the show to the museum after attempting to sell them on eBay after his death.
  • The models were temporarily removed from the display to undertake a thorough cleaning for a period of time in 2019. They were returned to the display in late October 2019.


Original Display

2004 to 2017 Display

Current Display


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