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"I'm sorry but I don't answer questions."
"No questions? But why not?"
"Aha, well that's a question and I can't answer questions!
— Hank and Theodore
Is Anybody Listening?

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Bob Stutt


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

July 26th,1993

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Is Anybody Listening? is the sixteenth episode of the first season.


Theodore is concerned that the pilot boats always seem to be to busy to listen to the tugs or answer questions. His concern turns to frustration when each pilot boat gives him a different assignment. One of those assignments is to replace Blankston Buoy, who is damaged. When the pilot boats realize their mistake and think that Theodore might not have gotten to Blankston, they realize that they have put a ship named Elo Echo in danger. The pilot boats apologize to Theodore and learn their lesson about how important it is to listen.



  • First and only appearance of Elo Echo.
  • This is probably the first episode to be filmed in the series since many of the buildings and docks, seen in other episodes featuring the Big Harbour set, are missing; as well as The Dispatcher's insignia.
  • During one of the work meetings, The Dispatcher orders Emily and George to go Chebucto Head, which is a real life place in the southwestern part of Halifax. It also happens to mean "the big harbour".


  • Couldn't Pearl have remembered the first job she gave Theodore in the first place before telling him the other job?
  • The insignia on The Dispatcher's hat is missing in this episode.
  • The Harbour Master says "Hank and Theodore had to laugh." but Theodore is clearly frowning.
  • Blankston is called Blandford in this episode.
  • In the last scene when the tugboats and pilots are heading back to work, Emily's rear deck can still be seen floating to the right as Hank floats away.