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"Thanks Emily! That was great tugging!"
— Inverness, Emily Goes Overboard, fourth season
  • Type: Cargo Ship

Inverness is a small cargo ship with a really pointy bow that Hank accidentally offends by calling him "needle-nose". He is very good friends with Emily after she rescued him from fog and thinks that she is good at tugging ships, despite once, nearly crashing into Owan the Oil Rig in a storm until Theodore had to save him.



  • His name came from the community of Inverness, Nova Scotia, which is located on the west coast of Cape Breton Island.
  • His hull was previously used for Katherine and Freda and later for S.S. Malarkey.
  • His smokestacks were sold on eBay.
  • In Season 4, Inverness' cab was on the front of his hull but in Season 5, his cab was moved to the middle of his hull.
  • Inverness' name also was used for Icebreaker Inverness.