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The Harbour Master's Office is a dockside, brick building with a balcony where the The Harbour Master coordinates the work of the The Big Harbour, setting the code of conduct and deciding which docks to assign to which ships. The office interior is also where he introduces and concludes each episode of Theodore Tugboat.


The Harbour Master's Office is located next to the The Great Ocean Dock. It is marked by a sign and an illuminated HMO street lamp sign. It appears in the opening sequence as a model and as an office interior set constructed at the CBC broadcasting center in Halifax which roughly mirrors the blinds and windows of the model.


The Harbour Master's Office is inspired by the Harbour Commission Building at Pier 20 in Halifax, Nova Scotia which contained the office of the Halifax Harbour Master until it was abolished. It is now home to the Halifax Port Authority (HPA). The model from the series is preserved at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Behind the Scenes

Model scale

the building was make by Concrete and Perspex. this light wire was onside model set.

Life scale

the building scale for human's side. the building was consuctrion in studio.