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"A mermaid! A mermaid! I saw a real live, real mermaid!"
— Hank
Hank and the Mermaid

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

July 12th 1993

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Hank and the Mermaid is the sixth episode of the first season.


Bonnavista is raising an old shipwreck, which gets everyone wondering what else is under the water. Hank invents so many wild possibilities that when he tells his friends that he saw a mermaid, they don't believe him. But Bonnavista does, kind of. It seems that a storm had dislodged a piece of the salvaged ship from her deck. It, a figurehead, turns out to be the "mermaid" that Hank saw, and Bonnavista is very grateful to have found it. To say thank you, she then helps Hank attach it to his bow. When the others see him float into the harbor with his "mermaid", they apologize for doubting him.



  • Bonnavista's official debut after a cameo in The Dark and Scary Cove, also making her the only speaking barge in Season 1.


  • Bonnavista is mistaken as "he" in one part.
  • Pearl is mistaken for Petra.
  • In the first shot of the scene at night, Theodore and Hank are floating on the Ocean Tug side of the dock. But in the next shot, they're instantly back on the Harbour Tug side.