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"Ouch! Jumpin' jellyfish - mind me jibberty-spigoty jib an' joists!"
— Digby
Hank Floats Forward

Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Hank Floats Forward is the thirty-fourth episode of the fifth season.


Hank is so excited that he is finally allowed to move ships by himself that he doesn't pay attention to when he helps Digby off of Willy's Island. He gives the old cable ship a good scrape on the sharp rocks. Digby is upset and tells everyone that Hank isn't good at moving ships. To help Hank restore his reputation, Theodore brings him along on his next job and puts the little tug in charge. With Theodore's encouragement, Hank does a good job with everyone watching, and even Digby has to admit that Hank might be a good tug in charge after all.



  • This episode marks the last of several things:
    • The second to last episode of the series.
    • Hank's last appearance and speaking role for the series.
    • Digby's last appearance and speaking role for the series.
    • George's last appearance.
    • Foduck's last appearance and speaking role for the series.
    • Petra's last appearance and speaking role in the series.
    • Clayton's last appearance.
    • Rebecca's last appearance.
    • Brunswick's last appearance.
  • This episode marks the only occurrence of a couple things:
    • The first and only appearance and speaking role of Kingston.
    • The only time Hank was the tug in charge with a ship or a boat.



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