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"Hank, ahh Henry, ahh Emily...Annapolis and ahh Fredrick, uh Goliath, ahhh Gargantua, Galapagos, no, Gargling! Oh goodness! Everyone just go and do.......everything!"
— The Dispatcher
Hank's New Name

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen
Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Hank's New Name is the ninth episode of the third season.


A large ocean barge named Shelburne is brought in to live in the Big Harbour, and the tugboats are amazed at not just his size, but his name. This results in Hank changing his name to Henry, and from this comes a multitude of name changes, minus Theodore who likes his name. After a confused Dispatcher gives out his job orders, George, Emily and Hank go to move Barrington, leaving Theodore to move Shelburne which results in a barge runaway. In the end, Hank saves Shelburne from hitting Willy's Island. The next day, Hank realizes he likes his name and he decides to go back to using it.



  • It is revealed in this episode that Emily has a middle name, "Annapolis."
  • In this episode, Hank has changed his name to Henry, Emily has changed her name to Annapolis, George has changed his name to Goliath, then Gargantua, Foduck changed his name to Frederick, and Barrington has changed his name to Bartholomeo, Donald Dock changed his name too but it is unknown what it might've been.
    • Ironically, Frederick is Foduck's name in the Swedish dub.
  • Emily's middle name and new first name "Annapolis" comes from the Annapolis County in Nova Scotia.
    • She also shares this name with Annapolis, the cargo ship who is later seen in Season 4.


  • In one shot of Shelburne heading towards the shore, it was played backwards as Shelburne is moving away from the shore.
  • Hank says Shelburne is the biggest name he has ever heard, but Northumberland, Barrington and Colchester are longer.



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