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"Rotten cable ship!"
— Guysborough
Guysborough Makes a Friend

Peter Sutherland


Andrew Cochran


Andrew Cochran
Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Guysborough Makes a Friend is the twenty-fifth episode of the fifth season.


Guysborough, the grumpy garbage barge, doesn't understand why no one ever says hello to him, but Theodore knows it is because Guysborough thinks everyone and everything is 'rotten' and he never hesitates to say so. As Guysborough's tug in charge, Theodore decides it is his job to keep Guysborough from being mean to anyone, so he is distressed when Digby, the Cable Ship, wants to meet the barge. He is so worried about what might happen, he goes to great lengths to avoid Digby, but the cable ship eventually catches up with them. To the tug's great surprise, the two curmudgeons enjoy each other's griping and they become fast friends.


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  • This marks Jasper's final speaking role.


  • The cove Theodore and Guysborough get stuck in is easily wide enough for them not to get stuck.
  • In one scene during Theodore's dream, studio equipment can be seen in the top left corner.
  • When Guysborough is yelling at Northumberland, his right eyebrow is falling off.
  • Theodore doesn't toot his whistle when the Harbour Master says 'smiling his sunniest smile and tooting his warmest whistle'.


Guysborough Makes a Friend

Guysborough Makes a Friend

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