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Guysborough's Garbage

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Guysborough's Garbage is the ninth episode of the fourth season.


When Canso, the biggest supertanker of them all, is impressed that The Big Harbour is so clean, the tugs take all the credit. Guysborough, the Garbage Barge resents being left out. He decides to teach the tugs a lesson by refusing to do his job. Soon garbage starts floating in the water. The tugs are puzzled, and a bit embarrassed in front of their guest. Fundy helps them solve the problem with one of his strange sayings: 'When you float in the Harbour, remember the ocean.' Theodore figures out the riddle and realizes that they need to thank Guysborough. He takes the barge to meet the visitor. When Canso lets Guysborough know how much his work is appreciated Theodore is certain that he glimpses a smile on the face of the normally grumpy garbage barge. And that makes Theodore grin too.



  • Some clips from this episode are shown in the VHS intro of Theodore Tugboat: Theodore's Friendly Adventures.


  • When the narrator says "You see, Guysborough is a very grumpy garage barge", a gap can be seen between Theodore's face and eye.
  • When Canso and the tugs are passing the junk dock, Theodore is nowhere to be seen.
  • When Theodore says "He kept the harbour very clean!", a gap can be seen between his left eye (viewers right) and his face.

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Guysborough's Garbage