"Huh? What happened?"
— Gerta
  • Type: Ocean Liner
  • Country: Germany

Gerta is an ocean liner that came from Germany and Theodore/Theodore Too and Guy try waking her up just not to miss Theodore's party.


Gerta is coloured cream white with orange and red stripes and the top of her three front stacks are painted in each colour of the German flag. Her name is painted blue on both sides of her deck.


Gerta first appeared in the books called Theodore Too and the Too-long Nap, written by Michelle Mulder.


  • Gerta also carries a German flag and her funnel (possibly) also has the German flag colors.
  • In Theodore and the Too-long Nap she has her mouth underneath her eyes but her mouth was on the bow.
  • She is the only ship in the franchise with a mouth.
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