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George Buzzes the Dock

Robert Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

July 27th, 1993

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The Great Harbour
Clean Up Contest

George Buzzes the Dock is the seventeenth episode of the first season.


Children aren't coming to the Sandy Beach anymore and no one knows why until they notice the growing piles of garbage along the shore. The observation leads to an argument between Emily and George about who is causing the most pollution. The Dispatcher interrupts, warning the pair that he'll give their oceangoing assignments to Theodore if they don't stop fighting. That comment catches Theodore's attention. He is working hard to become a v-tug. If he keeps quiet, he can get his chance. But he knows that if he speaks up he will end the fight. The young tug opts to help his friends by pointing out that all the tugs make pollution and so do lots of other people in the Harbour. When George comes home and buzzes Donald Dock, he leaves a cloud of smoke. Foduck's radio disturbs the quiet places in the Harbour. Emily leaves her engine on even when she isn't working. Theodore leaks oil and Hank had tossed his old bumpers in the cove. The first part of this two-part story ends with the tugs agreeing to clean up their act by having a Big Harbour Clean-up Contest.



  • This episode forms the first and only two part episode.
  • A deleted scene from True Blue Friends is used.


  • When The Dispatcher explains that there are other tugs who can go out on the ocean, a person is seen moving in the top right corner.
  • When Hank says "Uh oh" as George approaches the dock, he has his bumpers back even though he had gotten rid of them earlier in the episode.
  • When Hank is out of control, Theodore is seen smiling in some shots.
  • In one scene with the group of tugs Emily is seen wearing one of George's face masks


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