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"Now that's the funniest noise I've ever heard!"
— Caroquette
George's Funny Noise/George and the

Funny Noise


Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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George's Funny Noise re-titled George and the Funny Noise is the seventh episode of the fourth season.


While docking a container ship named Caroquette, Hank makes a funny noise and everyone laughs. Then George's whistle makes a funny noise. Everyone laughs again, except for George. George turns and leaves the job, which he never does. A surprised and concerned Theodore goes to find the big tug. What he discovers is that beneath George's blustery hull beats a very sensitive engine. It turns out that, unlike Hank, George doesn't like being laughed at. Once the other tugs know how George feels, it is easier for George to laugh along with them.



  • When the tugs are laughing and whistling about Hank's noise, Emily's and Foduck's whistles can be heard, but they are not there.
  • When George is talking to Owan, smoke is pouring back into his smokestack, showing that the footage has been reversed.



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