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Background Information

Foduck is a fictional safety and fire ocean tug created by Andrew Cochran.

Behind The Scenes

Foduck was scratch built with plastic, fiberglass and Perspex by Fred Allen, his helmet was plastic. Foduck's chassis was using for hidden underwater was built of perspex and which the model was not float. The eye merchanism was custom sticker, the machined was two servos was controlled by radio controllers.

In first series Foduck's fire helmet was hidden his eyebrows from show was visble close-up, then in second series make Foduck shown his eyebrows in on-screen. and the water from Foduck's fire hose was using the hidden wire from underwater set.

Foduck's face casts were made out of cardstock, the eyebrows, mouths and nose was made out of clay. In season 2, the original mouth was replacing by lips, which was different to any tugboats.

After production on Theodore Tugboat had ended, Foduck's model was displayed at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, at own displayed with Blandford and Constance nearly to Baswater's layout, Foduck wears his smilie face, but his model removed on displayed in 2009, until his model was kept in storage museum, then his model has return on display since mid-2014 at Big Harbour set. The worried face cast of him was storage from workshop in 2019.