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— Foduck announcing the end of his safety patrol, Foduck and the Shy Ship, fifth season

  • Type: Safety Tug
  • V-word: Vigilant

Foduck is the Big Harbour's "safety tug". He wears a red fire hat and is equipped with extra bright spotlights, a rotating transceiver and a fire hose.


Foduck the Vigilant is always very serious and takes his work seriously. He is the Big Harbour's fire safety tug and he is always prepared to put out fires with his special hoses or use his sonar machine to track down any dangerous rocks or obstacles that may be in the water. Like all the other tugs, Foduck loves to journey out to the open ocean. Foduck is a "V" tug (a tug with a "V" word that is fully qualified to make ocean voyages) like George and Emily. Even though he is able to travel on the ocean, he is content with staying in the harbour to keep it safe. Foduck usually doesn't express his feelings, but deep inside, he has a soft spot for everything and everyone in the Big Harbour. [1] He once wanted to be called Frederick in Hank's New Name.



Foduck is loosely based on Edmund H. Moran II tugboat modified on a fictional design


  • Foduck's model is on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
  • Some of Foduck's facial expressions were offered for sale on eBay.
  • Foduck's horn sound is George's, but raised by a major sixth. Also, Foduck's horn sounds like a Leslie A 300.
  • In the first season, Foduck's eyebrows were covered by his helmet, then in the second season when the models had a makeover they made the helmet go higher and thus exposing his eyebrows.
  • In the Norwegian version, Foduck is called "Freddy".
  • In the Swedish version, Foduck is called "Fredrick", the name that Foduck wished to have in Hank's New Name.
  • In the Finnish version, Foduck is called "Lasse".
  • Foduck is the first and only Tug to be given his V-Word onscreen even though George & Emily already had theirs before him.
  • Foduck is the only tug to have a siren. His siren is never heard onscreen but his horn and emergency horn is heard onscreen. You can hear Foduck's siren in His emergency horn is sometimes referred to as his siren.
  • Foduck has fire hoses. They are only in use in Foduck the Vigilant and Theodore and the Welcome. He usually wears them for decoration.


  • ERTL model (press 'n roll, bath toy, diecast; all discontinued)
  • Brio (discontinued)


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