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The Ertl Company made a line of die-cast and bath toys from the Theodore Tugboat television series. The characters were produced from 1998-1999.


Bath Toys

Changing Face Toys

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  • Theodore Tugboat Carrying-Case (cancelled)


  • Prototype pictures for some of the die-casts were seen in a pamphlet included with some Brio toys.
  • Collector cards with a brief bios were part of the packaging.
  • The packaging for some characters has listed characters which were not made.
  • The bath toys, changing face toys, and press and go toys featured hand rails while the die-cast models did not.
  • Northumberland's bath toy model has working closing and opening eyes.
  • For some unknown reason, some of Theodore and Hank's models have been released with red mouths and eyebrows instead of brown ones.
  • Most of the toys produced including the tugs had certain things like their masts and other things removed, making most of them differ from their television counterparts, most likely to make sure children do not injure themselves with anything small or sharp.


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