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"I am not doing another thing until you say 'please'!"
— Emily to Constance
Emily and the Rocket

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen
Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Emily and the Rocket is the tenth episode of the second season.


Theodore and Emily see something flash across the night sky, but it's too big for a shooting star. They wonder what it is. Their curiosity increases when Constance, the Coast Guard Ship shows up at the work meeting. Constance never attends work meetings, and that is okay with the tugs. The truth is, they are all a little afraid of the Coast Guard ship. None of them ever speak to her, but then again, she never seems to be very friendly. So Emily isn't particularly happy that she is assigned to help Constance with a search. As the day wears on, Emily grows less and less happy. It seems that all Constance does is give orders. Finally, a very frustrated Emily confronts Constance, who is surprised to find that people think she is unfriendly. She thanks Emily for having the courage to speak up and she starts being more polite. Emily likes the new and improved Constance and is glad to have found a new friend.



  • This episode marks Constance's first appearance, after the model being used as the Flat Eyed Coast Guard Ship. However, the Flat Eyed Coast Guard Ship appeared in some episodes later, indicating that this episode was filmed after those others.
  • Constance does not have her searchlight yet in this episode.


  • Towards the end, Constance was said to be smiling but still has a big frown on her face.



Emily and The Rocket