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"I always have a lot of important work to do. I don't have time to be friendly."
— Constance, Emily and the Rocket, second season
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  • Type: Coast Guard Ship
  • First Appearence: Emily and the Rocket
  • Last Appearence: Theodore`s big Decision

Constance is a coast guard ship who takes almost everything seriously.


Whenever her name is mentioned, she is noted as an important ship. The tugs used to think that Constance was mean and unfriendly, and Constance used to think that she was too busy to be nice or friendly, but that all changed when Emily soon showed her how easy it was to be friendly, and became Constance's best friend. Even though Constance is very serious about her work, she can also be a lot of fun (like when she played searchlight tag with Theodore and Hank). The tugs are now more comfortable socializing with Constance, but still give her all their respect.


Constance is loosely based on the CCGS Henry Larsen.



  • Constance's model was previously used for The Flat Eyed Coast Guard Ship.
  • Her insignia is the maple leaf of Canada.
  • She shares her horn sound with Rebecca.
  • In the Finnish version, Constance is called Constans.