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"I steered off course. I didn't see that rock...until I hit it!"
— Canso Colossus, Nautilus and the Sinking Ship, fourth season
Canso Colossus
  • Type: Supertanker

Canso Colossus is referred to as "the king of all supertankers", who talks with a very squeaky voice. Canso's biggest pet peeve seems to be "yucky stuff". He visited the Big Harbour when Guysborough refused to pick up garbage, resulting in "yucky stuff" floating in the water and making him want to leave. Once, on the way to the Harbour, he steered off course, crashing into the Pictou Peaks and damaging his hull. He was eventually saved from sinking by Nautilus, Theodore, George and Foduck.



He is loosely based off the Pierre Guillaumat supertanker.


  • Canso's superstructure, which was sold on eBay, was later used for Chester and Cocomagh.
  • Canso's hull was recycled from Cumberland and Colchester.
  • In the fourth season episode "Sigrid and the Bumpers", Canso is portrayed as a female container ship. He was also confused for a container ship (while keeping his name) in "Theodore's Bright Idea".
  • His name comes from the small fishing town of Canso in Nova Scotia.