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"Barges are so nice and quiet."
— Theodore
  • Type: Salvage Barge

Bobby is a salvage barge, who, like all the other barges, is a good friend of the tugs and always quiet. He is very encouraging and lifted George's spirits when he didn't win an award. For a while, he was part of the Salvage Team with Theodore, Rebecca and Northumberland. They all worked together to find an old rusty ship's anchor at the bottom of the ocean.



  • There are a few episodes where Bobby does not have his crane arm on his deck.
  • Bobby's hull and crane would later be used for Bayswater, while his cabin was used for Brunswick.
  • In the Finnish version of Theodore and the Oil Rig, Bobby was called Pasi, though he wasn't named in Theodore's Whistle and George's Ghost for unknown reasons.
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