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"As long as you've got sails, you can always get somewhere. The wind will blow, sooner or later."
— Bluenose, Theodore and Bluenose, first season

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  • Type: Schooner

Bluenose is a schooner who lives in the Big harbor.


Bluenose holds the record as the fastest boat in the Big Harbor, and was once the fastest ship on the whole ocean (seeing as she has no engine). She is good friends with the tugboats, and one time helped Foduck when seaweed was stuck in his propeller. She is also considerably wise and kind, as shown when she encouraged Theodore to keep "spreading the sunshine around". 

Not to be confused...

She is not to be confused with Bluenose the naval tug from the series TUGS. Even though in the books written by Michelle Mulder there was another schooner named Bluenose II, it is currently unknown whether this was Bluenose's basis.



  • Bluenose's production model was offered for sale on eBay but did not sell. It was later donated the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic where it is in storage.
  • Bluenose's name is a reference to the famous Canadian ship Bluenose, although the deck houses more closely resemble Bluenose II. 
  • Her basis can be seen on the Canadian dime.
  • in the Finnish version, Bluenose is called Sininokka.
  • Bluenose's radio disappeared in the latter half of Season 4.
  • She is the only schooner in the big harbor
  • She is the only remaining schooner of her class
  • She shares the Name of a Male Tugs Character, A series which Cardona worked on.