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"Big job, but you are the tug to do it!"
— Blandford, Theodore and the Unsafe Ship, fifth season

  • Type: Bell Buoy

Blandford is a buoy who lives right outside the harbour.


Blandford is good friends with Bedford and Theodore, due to Theodore bringing him his new bell. He also was seen when Cabot visited the harbour. He lives just outside Ceilidh's Cove, where Truro and Dorothy live. In the first series, his model had no face and was black and red.



  • On the official website Blandford's character profile uses Bedford's photo.
  • The name Blandford was used in 'Is Anybody Listening?' but a model of him wasn't made until Season 3.
  • His name comes from the the fishing community of Blandford in Nova Scotia.
  • In Season 3, Blandford lived out on the ocean near Owan but in Season 4 and Season 5, Blandford lived right outside The Big Harbour.
  • Blandford speaks with a Down East (Maine) accent.


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