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"WILL EVERYONE PLEASE BE QUIET!!!! I am trying to work!"
— George
Big Harbour Fools Day

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen
Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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Big Harbour Fools Day is the fifth episode of the third season.


Big Harbour Fools Day starts with the Dispatcher playing a joke on the tugs, making them think that they are late for work when they are really early. George, who has never been late for work, does not appreciate the joke. In fact, George does not seem to appreciate any of the Fools' Day jokes, but no one knows why until Theodore does some investigating. George thinks that if he is silly, people will no longer respect him as the biggest and strongest tug. But the tugs find a way to get him involved anyway and even George has to grin.



  • At the end, the Harbour Master is yelling out Rodney's name. In the Qubo airing, this is cut out.
  • This is the Clock Tower's first and only speaking role. Due to a mishearing of Denny Doherty's narration "It was chiming" in this episode, fans mistakenly believed the Clock Tower's name was "Chimey".
  • This episode is probably filmed after All Quiet in the Big Harbour, since Owan is in the same position as in the end of that episode.


  • When characters are honking at Foduck, Carla's horn can be heard, but she is neither seen nor mentioned in this entire episode.
  • How did the Dispatcher tell Chimey to wake everyone up in the first place if Chimey does not have a communicator? If the Dispatcher told him in the middle of the night he could have woken the tugs up.
  • George yells out to everyone to stop honking, but he is heard honking along with them.
  • The tugs should have know better than to put soap into George's funnel, as it could be very dangerous.
  • Throughout the opening scene, The Dispatcher changes positions facing away from the camera. This was obviously done to hide his pop-out glasses.
  • When Phillip and Filmore honk at Foduck, a wire is visible through one of the twins' windows.



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