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"I think we're ALL best friends!"
— Theodore
Best Friends

Robert Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Kathy Macellan


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

Air date

July 29th, 1993

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The Great Harbour
Clean Up Contest

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Theodore and the
Big Harbour

Best Friends is the nineteenth episode of the first season.


Theodore means well when he tells each of the tugs that they are his "best friend," but his friends get angry when they find out that he has said the same thing to everyone. Hank is so upset, he gets stuck on a sandbar. The tugs temporarily put aside their anger so they can cooperate to safely free him. When the rescue is complete, all the tugs turn to Theodore. They demand to know which of them is really his best friend. He remembers their teamwork during the rescue and declares that they are all his best friends. The other tugs have to agree.



  • The episode received a book adaption called 'Theodore's Best Friend'.
  • Another language is spoken by the narrator - French.
  • George was the only tug Theodore hadn't claimed as his best friend in this episode.
  • At the end of the next episode, Hank was showing Theodore around the Big Harbour and in this episode he is still showing Theodore around. Which means that this episode is right after the next episode.
  • The scene when Hank bumps into Bedford is used in the opening theme.
  • Pre-filmed footage from the next episode is used.


  • Hank said that he didn't hear Theodore because he was facing the wrong way. But when Theodore was calling him, Hank moves his eyes as if he did hear Theodore.
  • When the tugs are struggling to pull Hank off the sand bar, Theodore is floating right behind them but in the next shot, he is several yards away.
  • When Foduck tells Hank that he and Theodore are best friends, Theodore is smiling.


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