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"Talk about doing the same old thing. I'm up here day and night and I never even move! Oh, boy, that's really boring!"
— Benjamin
Benjamin Bridge
  • Type: Suspension Bridge

Benjamin Bridge is a green suspension bridge at the end of the harbour who loves to watch everything that goes on in the Big Harbour.


Even though he can not move, Benjamin has had some exciting moments, like Tex nearly crashing into him and Queen Stephanie getting stuck under him. He is a very good friend with the tugboats and loves to socialise. He is, however, sometimes sinister-tempered and was portrayed as a bully in the episode Theodore and the Big Harbour. He also has a snoring problem, which sometimes keeps Rebecca awake at night.


Benjamin enjoys telling jokes, riddles, and rumours, which can cause a lot of confusion. Besides spreading rumours, he has a bad habit of snoring very loudly.


His design is based on the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge, the first of two built to connect Halifax and Dartmouth.


In the books written by Michelle Mulder, Benjamin is played as his real life counterpart MacDonald Bridge.


  • Benjamin's Brio model portrayed him as a railroad bridge instead of a road bridge.
  • In the Swedish dub, Benjamin is not named and simply referred to as 'The Old Bridge'.