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  • Type: Bell Buoy
  • First Appearence: Theodore and the Oil Rig (cameo)
  • Last Appearence: Theodores Big Decision (cameo)

Bedford is a small bell buoy who marks Willy's Island.


Bedford and Theodore are good friends, and love to tell jokes and stories to each other. Even though Bedford is not allowed to move about, he sometimes has fun adventures, like when his chain broke and he drifted out of the harbour. Even so, Bedford also suffers from depression from not being able to move and at one time wanted to leave the harbour. That is why every ship in the Big Harbour stops by every day to say hello and talk with Bedford. Whenever Bedford feels useless, the tugs are always there to remind him just how important he is.


Bedford is painted red and white with a grey face.



  • On the official website Bedford's photo was used for Blandford's profile.
  • Bedford's name is based on either Bedford Basin of Halifax Harbour or the town located next to it.
  • During most of Season 1, Bedford's eyebrows were missing.


  • Bedford: (Dinging his bell at Theodore) Hello! Hellooo!
  • Theodore: Shh! I'm hiding!
  • Bedford: Oh that's sounds like fun! I'll hide too!
  • Narrator: But then he remembered buoys can't really hide. So he tried spinning instead.
  • Bedford: (spinning around) Wheeeeee! Oh this is fun Theodore!

- A conversation between Theodore and Bedford, Theodore's Backwards Day, third season

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